About Us

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Grace Hills Early Learning Center is to assist in accomplishing the mission and purpose of Grace Hills Baptist Church. Desired outcomes for extending this faith based ministry are providing care, education, Christian spiritual and moral development and family ministry for each child enrolled.


As Grace Hills Early Learning Center develops, we will be using varied curricula.  Our program is built on love, nurturing, and character building principals.  Activities are aimed at providing a flexible, enriching environment developmentally appropriate to facilitate spiritual, physical, cognitive, and social-emotional growth of children. 

Infant and Toddler classrooms will utilize Creative Curriculum to its fullest extent for classroom guidance.  The Two year old classroom will use an age appropriate curriculum in addition to most of Creative Curriculum’s guidelines. 

The Preschool classrooms will use the ABeka curriculum and other age appropriate curriculum.  This will include Christian character, character development, letter recognition, phonics, and reading. Our teachers are trained to meet specific goals that have been set before them.